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Suhaila Aboud

GenderHealth Africa

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My first job after my Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery was at MSF France in Mathare.Mathare slum is known for its high poverty levels, crimes, and violence that render women, girls, and children especially vulnerable. Working at this Sexual and Gender Based Violence Recovery Centre was the beginning of my journey into GBV activism. Every day, dozens women and girls walked into my clinic deeply traumatized with physical, emotional and psychological abuse.

All this time, I never quite processed this trauma! Many times I went home weighed down and cried myself to sleep. Wanting to help survivors deal with their trauma, and to understand gender dynamics led me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Masters in Gender and Developmental studies. I provide empathetic quality clinical care to survivors and ensure they that are able to access justice for the crimes committed against them; I have on many occasions served as an expert witness in court.

I am a mother, wife, and daughter who is self-driven and passionate about promoting the rights of women, men and children affected by Gender Violence, am committed to building the capacity of health care workers to deliver quality post rape care services, and often work as a trainer for the Ministry of Health and the International Peace Training Support Centre in Kenya. I am also a Clinical Management of Rape Consultant for the UNFPA Humanitarian and Context branch deployed in Somalia and South Sudan.

I have been instrumental in developing various Kenya national policy, guidelines, and tools to help standardize post rape care in the country. I am also a co-founder of GenderHealth Africa, an organization that aims to strengthen the capacity of health workers and other actors in GBV programming, psychosocial support and clinical management of rape.


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