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Mary Wanza

Lesiriwo Secondary School

The Story

Lesirwo is a Secondary school in Kipkelion Consituency. We seek a sustainable, community embedded, “trade” not “aid” process of giving the girls that confidence to scale to greater heights in three ways:

  1. We provide a decent platform for the mothers of enrolled students to sell their agricultural goods to willing and well meaning buyers at bid prices with the minimum reserve price set at the local market price (often lower than nairobi price). A woman of purpose holds herself in dignity and pride. By ensuring that the girl has a sanitary towel every month, she knows she is worth it.
  2.  Every year in May we invite ladies and men (preferably with roots in the community) to spend the day with students so they not only hear of the great success stories but can see and feel it.
  3. We continuously seek to improve the grades to give the students a better chance of qualifying for government sponsored university and technical college programmes. We therefore instituted a competitive term by term bursary. We are happy to note one of the first recipient of the fund scored A- in the 2016 KCSE examination

We look forward to scaling this initiative to other schools in Kenya.


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