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Dr. Chao Mbogo

Program Lead and Co-Founder, KamiLimu

The Story

Dr. Chao Mbogo is the Program Lead and Co-Founder of KamiLimu, which is a 6-month structured mentorship program for Computer Science University students. KamiLimu aims at immersing students into the local tech industry and also encouraging them to give back to the community through the skills their acquire. KamiLimu has achieved a 46% female representation of their mentorship program;15 students who were beneficiaries of the first cohort became peer mentors in the second cohort; 25 industry professionals, from companies such as Google and Andela, have contributed their time and skills to the program; 3 female mentees in the program received international scholarships after undergoing training on writing award-winning scholarship essays. KamiLimu is directly impacting its mentees by contributing to their profession, making them globally competitive.


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